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Yooo guys I'm Kitty and I'm never online here.

If you were mentioned in a journal, 's on the right. ==>

If you'd like to follow me on tumblr, note me for my URL.
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Kinda Important: Leavin', any Skype/Tumblr Users?

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 13, 2014, 2:16 PM

Mkay I'm not puttin' this off any longer but bear with me here cause I wanna get some info first. I'm gonna deactivate this acount on December 1st (to give anyone I mention some time to respond) 'cause of reasons I've already talked about in previous journals.

I would really rather not leave the friends I have on here though, and if you don't mind I'd like to ask for your skype or tumblr so I can send you Christmas gifts, or just generally keep in touch with you. I'd miss you if I didn't. That bein' said, if you're not comfortable with giving your skype or tumblr out, that's alright, I understand. So no stressin'. (I have moved my tumblr blog by the way, if you want my new URL, note me and ask for it.)

:iconridiculousrickolous: or :iconincognito-torpedo: (Not sure which account you'll see this first on so I'll ping both.) I'm following like all your tumblr accounts and have your skype, but I'm not sure which one's are actually active so if you could let me know that would be great qvq (Also I might be comin' back to Florida soooonn. Maybe we could hang out again and make characters or somethinnggg?)

:iconslymaster58: I know I have your skype which I think is active? I mean you recently changed your icon to a sardine so I assume you've been on lmao. Let me know just in case though, I wanna be able to still make you Christmas drawings cause you're great and I would miss you yo 8U Gotta live up to my Pokemon rival status and all. 

:iconblood-of-severity: I just checked and found your skype on your profile, but I just wanna check if it would be okay for me to add you on there. I know you probably won't see this cause you've got a lot going on, so I will send you a skype message instead. Your join.mes were what got me through a bunch of 2012, and I still look up to you a lot uvu 

:iconnedrian: Followed your tumblr recently so we're good there, but if you have a skype maybe could I add you cause tumblr kinda has a shit messaging system. Also I wanted to know if I'm still allowed to keep Remilx even though I'm leaving. I love him and I don't wanna give him up tbh //rolls away

:icon16shards: Idk if you have a skype or tumblr but I'd like to find somethin' you do have cause you're cool and I ain't about leavin cool people behind.

So yeh. If you were mentioned above I'd really appreciate if you left a comment or note or contacted me some other way, however that may be. You're all great and I would miss you. I don't wanna lose friends just because I'm leavin' a website. 

This account is completely empty now but I will leave it up until December 1st for communication purposes. See ya.

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Forgot to say, thank you for the points, bby ;3;/ :heart:
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